You , who makes me smile in every words u say,or even just seeing the glance in your eyes
You, who makes me feel the real meaning of hearthache, true meaning of break-up
You, whom i’ve been dreaming of in every minutes,seconds of the day
You, whom i see and think in the moment i open my eyes from asleep, before i close my eyes at night and wishing that i can be with you even in my dreams
You, whom i wanted to share my sadness, happiness and emotions inside of me
You , whom i can offer all the love i can give, giving my heart and soul
You, whom im wishing to be on my side if i need a shelter to protect me from cold
You, whom i care eventhough i know that you dont care nomore
You, whom i get crazy everytime i missing you
You, whom i think of everytime i heard beautiful love songs
You, whom i wants to share my dream with,wanting to be with you in your success and failure in life.sharing our journey together
You, whom i loved without expecting in return.. just loving, without you even knowing how im keeping you inside my heart.. loving you in a meaning of letting go
You, whom i can’t wait on the time your gonna look back from where we started, from the time that we were so inlove like no one can tear us apart..

YOU… only YOU…


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