x’mas wish list

christmas is coming!!…in just few days we will celebrating the most awaited holiday “CHRISTMAS”
just wanna share you guys my wish list:

  • i wish i can spend my xmas in PI
  • i wish to have my own mini loppy
  • i wish to get iphone 3’s
  • i wish i have an extra bucks so i can send money to my love ones in the PI including my godchildrens lol.
  • i wish to have a brand new car
  • i wish to rid of my bills such as car payment, loan and credit cardssss! in short i wanna be DEBT FREE! lol
  • i wish to gain at least 15 pounds lol
  • i wish to find my “right one” 🙂
  • i wish to find job that something i will enjoy ( and what is that? i dont know! lol)
  • i wish to get ab rocket 🙂

but if santa will only allows me to have one wish on xmas that would be:

i wish to have…………………. YOU back 🙂

please santa


2 thoughts on “x’mas wish list

  1. wow xmas wish list kagad hehehe

    kayang kaya mong makuha lahat yan kaw pa..

    lalong lalo na yun sa dulo…

    tingin tingin ka lan dyan sa tabi tabi

    • wahahaha..yan po ang wish list q last yr. Ewn q ba bakit NASA top ung post na yan?! Hindi q Nga mtanggal grrr

      sa Tabi tabi? tumabi k nga sakin!! Eheheh

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