very special day…

a simple message for you…

today on our special day,
i wanted you to know how happy, proud, thankful and contented i am now having you in my life..
sounds silly but i have never been this crazy inlove in my entire boring life!
you’ve change me mine..
i can’t imagine doing this i mean telling the whole world how inlove i am and how much i love you.
sounds ridiculous but yes.. i am deeply and crazy inlove with you!
and i will continue praising god for such wonderful and irreplaceable gift.. YOU….

thank you for being my happiness mine,
thank you for all the patience. and most especially thank you for the love,
for your unconditional love..
my life would be empty without you. you are my love, my everything and my life!
i cant wait to be with you and share my life with you..
all i want is to be with you forever..

thank you for saving me from my loneliness
thank you for bringing out the best in me
and thank you for bringing my life back!

i love you and i will love you even more
so just hold me tight and never let go
and i promise to love you and cherish you for the rest of my life


17 thoughts on “very special day…

  1. And now you’re in love again…
    I hope you’ll find what’s missing…
    In your heart that’s still beating…
    So in the church there won’t be kneeling..
    For the special days you are sleeping…
    With the man you plan on marrying..:)

    be happy..:)


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